\_o_ (palantir) wrote,


Writing this from the office on campus where I work. Turns out I work tonight from 9:30 to midnight tonight instead of 7:30-10:30. They slightly changed my hours around and didn't e-mail me about it. It's partly my fault for not mentioning that I didn't get the e-mail yesterday; I just assumed they kept my Tues/Wed/Thurs hours the same and added Monday hours.

At home I never see ads on sites. Going to my LJ page here on this machine, I see an ad for a Korean dating site, which I thought was rather funny.

Amazon finally decided to ship my last package. So it left New Castle, Delaware earlier today. The other package is still hanging out in Brooklyn it seems. No new updates on it. UPS seems to do a much better job at updating the status of their packages than the USPS.

So bored. I need to start bringing my laptop to work. But that would mean carrying it 2 miles, because it's impossible to find a bloody parking spot near this building. I'm going to have to find some flash games to play or get something to read. Hope no one shows up in the lab tonight.
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