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WTF. Is LJ having some weird userpic database issues? My userpic changed from the goat to some hockey picture. Would be weird if someone hax0red my LJ account just to change my userpic... I'll just leave it as is and see if the issue resolves itself. If not, I'll change it to something else.

So, I got a PlayStation 3 not too long ago, and I haven't really used it much. One interesting feature is that they have this PlayStation Store you can access. You can buy/rent movies/tv shows, etc for download. You can buy old PlayStation 1 games as well. I can't help but feel that there's a lot of wasted potential here. Why not offer streaming TV shows/movies through it, like Hulu? The only people that would use it would be the younger audience, which means marketers could be certain their ads are going straight to the demographic that they want them to.
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