\_o_ (palantir) wrote,

Da police

The road I drive to and from class has two school zones. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I happen to drive down it when school is getting out and the speed limit is 25. During that time, this road becomes the most heavily patrolled road I've ever seen. There's usually at least one patrol car for each school zone, and it's fairly common for me to see someone pulled over at each one while driving home. I make absolutely certain I never go over 25mph while those school zone lights are flashing.

It seems to be a smart idea on the part of the local police department. They can probably give out heavier fines for speeding in a school zone, and I'd much rather they make money off fining people speeding in school zones than trying to catch people going a few miles over the speed limit on the interstate. Judging from how many people I see pulled over in these school zones, it's probably easier for them to get people as well.

Brooklyn package is in Columbia! It's been scanned twice while in Columbia, the last of which happened at 7:18am. I'm hoping it gets delivered some time this afternoon. Other package is in Greensboro, North Carolina. I guess it'll probably get here Monday.
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