\_o_ (palantir) wrote,

Random Thoughts

The city of Columbia put up a bunch of pedestrian lights at intersections over the last summer. If they were there before, I somehow never noticed them. Most of them are the kind that have the red hand for 'Don't Walk' and a white person (their use of light color is totally racist!) walking for 'Walk'. When it's about to switch from 'Walk' to 'Don't Walk', the red hand blinks to let walkers as well as cars know that it's about to change. There's a couple problems though.

For one, the pedestrian lights often don't match up with the actual traffic lights. They seem to be in harmony during peak hours, but other parts of the day they're not in sync with one another. In fact, many of them just sit on 'Don't Walk'. Everytime I pass by them, they never change. The other issue is that when the red hand begins blinking, there doesn't seem to be a city-wide consistency on how long it will blink before changing. Sometimes I drive up and see it blinking and expect that the light is about to change; so I slow down, only to find that the thing blinks far longer than it should. It's annoying.
I'm sick of seeing albums labeled 'remastered' when in reality, it's simply a re-issue. I expect a remastered album to sound at least slightly different. A good example of a remastered album would be Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel. You can tell effort was put into improving the quality of the tracks and it sounds much better than the original releases.

I suppose a bigger issue is that I can't find any new metal to check out. The only worthwhile new band I've found is Velnias. There seems to be a bit of a trend happening with folk/nature inspired black metal with a touch of doom and post-rock. Wolves in the Throne Room being perhaps the most popular entity.
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